Prices vary and will depend on what type of creation you want, how large, how many pages, etc. 

In general, pricing is as follows:

Scrapbook Frames

All sizes $40

Scrapbook Albums

8 by 8 w/ 10 pages - Starting at $25
8 by 8 w/20 or more pages - Starting at $50
12 by 12 w/10 pages - Starting at $75
12 by 12 w/20 or more pages - Starting at $100

Please contact me for more specific pricing information.

Please be aware that scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby.  In order to make quality creations, you have to use quality products and supplies.  Please note that while this is reflected in the pricing, I am making every effort to keep costs as low as possible, while providing the best possible product.

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