Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Once" The Musical Scrapbook Frame And Other Updates

I cannot believe that it has been over a year since my last post.  I guess I can only blame my absence on life.

Since last April, I finished my dissertation, got my PhD, turned 28, moved to New York, started a new academic pursuit, and tried to survive all of that happening in such a short time.

I recently saw "Once" the musical, and that is what my latest project is inspired by.  "Once" was incredible; the best musical I have seen to date.  If you have the opportunity to see it, you should definitely take advantage.

This was another student rush situation, and we managed to luck out with good seats, s I felt I had to commemorate the experience.    

 - Studio Decor (Michael's) 4-Way Adjustable Shadowbox 12 by 12, Black
- Recollections Woven Paper (Burlap; 12 in. by 12 in.)
- Recollections Printed Burlap (12 in. by 12 in. cut down to 8.5 in. by 11 in.)
- Jolee's By You Guitar Dimensional Sticker
- Recollections Flower Embellishments
- Recollections Burlap Flowers
- Me & My Big Ideas ALPHAChips

I was noticing a lot of burlap and natural papers at Michael's, which really inspired me.  Plus, the damaske printed burlap is just totally hot.

I have to say that I like the frames I was getting from JoAnn's much better than these Michael's frames, but shockingly, there are no JoAnn's in New York City, so I have to settle for Michael's.  Or I suppose I could order frames online.  But what woman doesn't love an excuse to go to the craft store?

Clearly I haven't been doing enough crafting recently because I got lost in Michael's.  I just spent time wandering the aisles and salivating over everything.

I also will share my only other project previous to this one here, although I ashamed to say that this baby is no longer a baby anymore.  One of my good friends had a baby in October and I made this for her:

Unfortunately, because I made it so long ago now, I can't give you the specifics of the materials that I used.  But I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

And luckily, it was sent to her right after it was made, not six months after the fact, like this post.