Tuesday, January 22, 2013

D & K Wedding Scrapbook Album

One of my really good friends from graduate school got married over the summer.  I am totally behind on posting projects, but I made this for her and her husband for a holiday gift.  I started with this:

This is a Scrapbook Complete - Wedding.  I found it at my local Target.  I bought a couple of them as they were on sale and I had never seen this product before.  It comes with the pages pre-done and embellishments to add.   

And turned it into this:

(There are 16 pages total in the book.  I guess I ended up missing photographing a few of them before I sent it.)


- If you figure that an album usually costs around $20, a paper pack is also about $20, and extra pages are about $10, there is definitely a monetary savings here since you get the album, paper, and pages all for about $20.
- The quality overall is not as good as the products I typically buy, but it's a good value, especially if putting all the pages together yourself is a source of anxiety. 
- And it still is adaptable enough if you want to add your own personal touches (like I did on the cover).


- You are sort of limited by the picture sizes.  Ultimately, I just rearranged pictures over the frames that were already there, because I felt it was better to use pictures I liked rather than pictures that fit the direction of the frame.
- The embellishments and stickers are inserted in the album in such a way that you have to take the album apart to remove them.
- The cover is just plain and is made of paper rather than cloth (but you can see how I jazzed it up).

It helps that my friends are a beautiful couple, and they also had a great photographer.  All pictures are from Alders Photography

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