Saturday, July 14, 2012

Butterfly Frame Set

When I get a project idea, I tend obsess over it until I bring it to fruition.

During a recent IKEA trip, I found the following picture:

 (Taken from:
My immediate reaction was that I felt I could make this myself.  So I embarked on a quest to do just that. 

I was having a tough time finding white shadowbox frames that are 8 by 8 inches, but finally did.  And I'm glad because I don't think this project would be as good in a larger frame.

They recently re-did the JoAnn's that I typically shop at.  In the past, every time I have looked for scrapbook frames, I have been unable to find them.  But now they have a wide variety of them, 12 by 12 inch, 10 by 10 inch, 8 by 10 inch, and 8 by 8 inch.

It turned out that these frames were 50% off when I went to JoAnn's.  I should have stocked up, but I wasn't in the mood to haul them back on the bus with me in 90 degree heat, so I purchased the three I needed for this latest project.  

Anyway, enough about JoAnn's.

About this project...I ended up having to use a paring knife and cutting board in order to cut the butterflies out.  Using scissors would have cut the whole butterfly out, which you don't want to do for this project.  The whole idea is the dimensionality, with the wings folded up and the background showing through.  An X-acto knife or something similar would probably be ideal.

To make the butterflies, I bought a pack of hard butterfly stickers, of various shapes and sizes (see info below), and traced them face down so that they wouldn't stick to the paper. 

Butterfly Cutout Frames (X2):

Collector's Museum Shadow Box Scrapbook Frame
Pink Glitter Paper, 8 by 10, from JoAnn's
White Glitter Paper, 8 by 10, from JoAnn's

If we place them side-by-side, they aren't identical, but are pretty darn close, if I do say so myself.

I had contemplated trying to smooth all of the edges on mine, but I decided I liked the handmade look better, rather than a completely clean, laser-cut look.

My original plan was to make two different ones, but I decided to just trace the outline of the butterflies from the first one onto the second one.  Because I'm doing them by hand, they obviously aren't completely identical, but close enough.

The second part of the project involved creating a diorama.  A design technique that is really "in" right now are fake nature dioramas, such as the butterfly one I created below.  I found the awesome pink butterflies on Etsy.  They are made on transparency paper.  I wanted the look, without having to kill nature to make it happen.  And these butterflies are so realistic looking that it ultimately does not matter that they aren't real (and they are pink!). 

Butterfly Diorama:

Collector's Museum Shadow Box Scrapbook Frame
Lavender Glitter Paper, 8 by 10, from JoAnn's
Butterflies by Clear Cut Crafts (Etsy)

I am also clearly obsessed with sets.

I can't take credit for the artwork above the butterflies.  That was made for me by a very good friend.  I already had it hanging, and knew that these would look great with it.

I think these would make a great inspiration for a little girls room...someday...

For now, they are in my bedroom.

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