Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hi, everyone!  Welcome to my blog about scrapbooking.  This page will be a place to share projects, but it is also my hope to be able to start a scrapbooking business, called Creating Everlasting Memories.  I started scrapbooking a few years ago, but have recently discovered that it is something I find enjoyable and relaxing.  I would love to do it on the side, while I work on completing my PhD in Sociology. 

I feel like a lot of people get their start this way, taking a hobby and turning it into something meaningful that can be shared with others. 

That is exactly what I hope to do!  I love being creative, laying out pages, and creating memorable ways to display pictures and other mementos. 

I am currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but would love to work with you if you are looking for something special for yourself or as a gift for someone else, regardless of where you are.

I'll be uploading pictures and details of some of my completed projects, many of which have been gifts that I have made for other people. 

I really hope that you like what you see here, and that you will contact me at, if would like to discuss my creations, and how I could help you create everlasting memories.

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